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Past Projects:

HAL Pushpak FuselageHAL Pushpak History

The HAL Pushpak is a copy of the Aeronca Chief manufactured by Hindustani Aeronautics . This particular aircraft was a gift to the military by Mrs Ghandi and operated in xxxxxxx as a training aircraft.
                There are detail differences in manufacture, the most noticeable is the fabrication of components that Aeronca cast or forged (each tiny piece that is used to create the item has its own part number stamped on it!) 


This restoration was complicated in that the aircraft was presented to me (or not as the case may be) in a totally dismantled condition, in various boxes. Missing parts eventually appeared from the owner or had to be fabricated. An intimate knowledge of the Aeronca Chief helped enormously, but the detail differences created some consternation, as the desire was to maintain the originality where possible. However the finished item was excellent.

Interior after complete restoration returned to original condition except for Russian clock on RHS.

Piper Super Cruiser.

This aircraft languished at Andrewsfield for some time in a very poor state, it was then damaged in the gales by a wayward Cessna 150. Complete restoration resulted in a fabulous aircraft which was a tribute to Piper.

Piper Super Cruiser at Ardleigh ready for delivery to its new owner after complete restoration

Engine installation: 108hp Lycoming zero timed.

Interior completely restored with retrimed leather seats, and crackle finish instrument panel. This aircraft was recently surveyed by the Vintage Piper Magazine, look out for the article.

Piper Super Cruiser wings with showing the ribs and spars prior to etch priming and varnishing respectively. Some of the leading edge had been damaged by a wayward Cessna at Andrewsfield during the storms of 1997.

Piper Super Cruiser fuselage half covered in Ceconite. The airframe was bead blasted, primed and painted in 2 pack paint prior to recovering.

Two Aeroncas and a Pushpak, all previously restored by Richard Kimberley Services.

This aircraft and one other Jungman have been maintained by me for some time now. I recovered the tailplane on this one and performed a top end overhaul on both recently.