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This aileron showed very few signs of corrosion: The view shown here is after the steel hinge bracket and backing had been removed prior to removal of the covering, only slight rust on the steel hinge bracket was visible.

The owner of this tailplane was concerned because one of the elevator hinge bolts seemed to be loose and he was unable to tighten it. When he removed the tailplane and stood it on its end he heard the interior fall to the bottom. All that was holding the back of the tailplane on was the fabric covering, this is what we found after cutting the fabric at the trailing edge and removing it. Due to water damage it was decided that the most effective repair scheme was to build a new one!

This is one of the undercarriage knuckles of the Nipper. A detailed inspection of the aircraft in all the stressed areas revealed some cracks. This poorley repaired joint was cracked by 50% and was in danger of imminent failure. The defect was ground out and TIG welded.

Nipper firewall, showing the oil pressure pipe to gauge (smaller copper pipe center picture) chafing against the firewall where it had been cut open.