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Pushpak FuselageHAL Pushpak fuselage rolled out and in daylight for the first time after restoration.

Piper Super Cruiser finished after complete restoration, the performance on 108hp was astonishing for a 1947 aircraft: Airborne at MTOW in 300m, climb at 1200fpm and cruise at 115mph.

HAL Pushpak interior fully restored to original except for the Russian Clock far right.

My Piper Vagabond enroute from the PFA rally 2003

Condor enroute to Andrewsfield after Annual Inspection.

Bucker Jungman returning after Flight test for Annual inspection.

Jodel being delivered back to Monewdon after Annual Inspection.

Flying for FUN.

My other plane is a 146! This is what I get up to in my spare time! (Neil)

Aeronca Champ 7ac and BAe 146 at Southend Airport.