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Welding and Fabrication division specialise in welding of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals using MIG, TIG and Gas for Aluminium, Magnesium, Mild ; Stainless and all  Alloy Steels for the repair or fabrication of just about anything! We have CAA welding approval.

We weld all sorts of things from small model engines to the large propulsion and ancillary engines fitted in Commercial and Military shipping, both on site and at base (Recently I repaired cracks in ancillary engines in the HMS xxxxxxxxxx on site in the Persian Gulf and the HMS xxxxxxxxxx off of Singapore) An intimate knowledge of metallurgy is required to ensure the repair will last, and what is feasible to repair and how.

Ford BDA Cylinder block damaged by stress cracking just below the main bearing block face machined out prior to welding.

Cracked and corroded Jaguar Cylinder Head prepared for welding, the alloy is machined away to remove any corroded or oxidised alloy so the weld is not contaminated. The Head is then heated to 150deg C and TIG welded.

This cable drum failed due to crack propagation from the cable entry hole. The picture shows the drum prepared for welding.

Cable drum after repair and fetelling.

A wayward conrod smashed a hole in the side of the block..........unrepairable? No, a steel plate was fabricated and welded to the block.

Paxman V16 Engine in for reworking..........the areas with white spray on are areas which have cracked. The white spray is the developer for the Magnaflux used to detect the cracks.

1of3.This is one of the problem areas of this type of engine: A crack developes at the thin area toward the bottom of the drilling, once a crack starts it will propagate and cause failure of the engine. Here the cracked area has been machined out ready to be welded.

2of3. The defect is rewelded using MIG.

3of3. The weld has been dressed and machined to provide a smooth surface that will resist further cracking in this vulnerable area. An intimate knowledge of the materials and problems associated with these defects is a must.

Paxman diesel injector camshaft worn by lip seals. The worn areas are built up using TIG before being machined completely flat again.

Paxman V8 Engine undergoing repair for stress cracking. These engines are fabricated from individual components that are welded together. During their life the original thermal stress during manufacture tends to come out in the form of stress cracks at vital points, left to their own devices these cracks will grow until the engine fails.

No job too big!! These are exhaust pipes for a Paxman engine test cell fabricated from Stainless steel.

This broken gearbox case was valued at £400, an inexpensive repair returned it to service.

The repaired gear case ready for dispatch