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We are only keepers:

"If we look after and maintain our possessions they will be available to future generations to enjoy."

In this day and age of disposable items I find it difficult to subscribe to the idea that if it is broken then we throw it away! With our knowledge of metallurgy and welding techniques there is practically nothing metal that cannot be repaired and made to work again.

At Richard Kimberley Aero we can restore aircraft, from complete ground up restorations to Annual Inspections. All aspects of servicing and restoration are covered.

This HAL Pushpak was presented to me (or not as the case turned out to be ) as a kit of parts the owner had created from a complete plane! Meticulous restoration resulted in a fabulous aircraft, one of only 3 on the British register.

Aircraft interior, as original except for the Large VERY Luminous clock far right.

HAL Pushpak after complete restoration.

Piper SuperCruiser after complete restoration.

Jodel being returned to customer after Annual Inspection.

My Vagabond returning from PFA Rally.

Super Cruiser G-BOWN fuselage, part covered after the complete stripping of the frame, bead blasting, etch priming, painting with two pack paint, Stringer repair/replacement, overhaul of trim jack, and replacement of control cables.

G-BOWN wings, stripped and inspected. They were then straightened as necessary, spars varnished, all ribs etch primed, aileron control quadrants overhauled, new control cables, all ferous brackets and fittings bead blasted and repainted, then covered with Ceconite, doped and painted.